YBNL singer, Temmie Ovwasa has disclosed her opinions about atheism and religion while answering some questions on her Instagram

Temmie said she doesn’t think ‘God’ doesn’t exist replying to a question a fan asked whether she was an atheist. She disclosed further calling herself a God owing to the fact that the human mind can’t understand a lot of things because it’s small.

She wrote;

I’m a thinker and i’m constantly questioning.

My beliefs aren’t certain,

Abrahamic religions have a very myopic definition of “God”.

So yes i believe in a force, energy.

I believe in patterns,

i believe in science.

I don’t think God doesn’t exist, i think i’m God, i think you’re God.

I think the human mind is too small to comprehend alot of things so i won’t pretend i have it all figured out.


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