Lord Casted, Whose Mother Begged Bobrisky After Tattooing Him Speaks On Regret



Nigerian man, identified as Lord Casted, whose mother’s pleaded to controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky to acknowledge him, has revealed he doesn’t regret tattooing him on his hands even though he did not get the money he needed.
It could be recalls that Lord casted became an internet sensation after a video of his mother pleading with Bobrisky to help her son went viral.

Following his mother plea, Lord casted, has taken to a recent video to advise fans to express the love they have because they want to and not for personal gains.

In his own words,

”Guys, I have a quick advice for you, if you love someone and you want to show them how much you love them, please show it for the love you have for them and not for the money you want for them. Because what worked for someone else might not work for you. I don’t regret having Bobriky on my arm because I thought she would give me money to build my career, my comedy. But it doesn’t work for me. Whenever I take pictures, and I look at them, I smile; please don t do something you regret” He said



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