Gigi And Bella Hadid’s Sweetest & Coolest Sibling Moments

Bella and Gigi Hadid are best friends as well as sisters

Gigi Hadid, 26, and her little sister Bella Hadid, 24, have not only remained supermodels at the top of their game, but they’ve stayed the best of friends.

After Gigi became a mum to baby Khai – with Bella by her side – her younger sibling only had more inspiring words to say about her sis.


And when Gigi celebrated her first birthday as a mama when she turned 26, Bella filled her Insta with dedication posts that were too cute – and too cool tbh – for words.

We’re taking a look at some of their sweetest sibling moments, as well as times they proved their vibe is on a whole other level.

The time Bella removed Zayn’s hand from Gigi’s bum
Zayn had his hand on Gigi Hadid’s bum…
Zayn had his hand on Gigi Hadid’s bum… Picture: Getty
Before Bella Hadid removed it
Before Bella Hadid removed it. Picture:



Gigi and Bella celebrate Gigi’s pregnancy with a double bump snap
Bella Hadid’s ‘bump’ was from her burger
Bella Hadid’s ‘bump’ was from her burger. Picture: Bella Hadid/Instagram
During Gigi’s pregnancy with daughter Khai Bella was so excited for her and Zayn that she couldn’t help sharing her “burger” bump of her own


Bella was the supportive sister when Gigi lost her shoe on the catwalk

It’s not rare for a model to lose her shoe on the catwalk and that’s exactly what happened to Gigi, who didn’t let it faze her and carried on like a complete natural.

At the end of the show Bella put her arm around her sister to ensure a smooth close to the show.



From then on the girls have continued to model together, always bigging each other up and letting each other have their moment.

It’s a sisterhood we should all take inspo from!

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