Alex Set to tie Knot Finally

Actor Alex Ekubo has shared a pictures of the lovely and romantic moment he proposed marriage to his long-time girlfriend Fancy making marriage seem so easy.
Alex Ekubo shared the picture to thank his soon-to-be wife Fancy for accepting his proposal and she looked so happy at that moment that she even ended up crying after accepting to be the wife of the love of his life Alex.
Fancy on the other hand also shared her own talking about how surprised she was when she entered to see her man on his knee proposing marriage to him when she thought she was going for a photoshoot with her sister.According to her, her sister made her believe they were going for a photoshoot not knowing she and Alex along with some friends had planned to surprise her with a proposal asking her to be his Mrs. which she gladly accepted.


Alex Ekubo and Fancy look good together and the video shows they are both happy to spend the rest of their lives together and they even made it clear in their posts that they can’t wait to be joined together as husband and wife.Fancy Acholonu, Alex Ekubo’s wife to be is an American based actress cum model who is known for being the face of so many popular brand in America and has also shot commercials for some popular brands such as Hyundai and some others.


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