Naira Marley seek for Almighty Allah forgiveness as he celebrates Eid Mubarak

The Nigerian songwriter and singer, Naira Marley has professed his bliss over his fasting buoyancy in celebration of Eid Mubarak.


He felt to profess his bliss over his fasting and took to his Twitter handle with the blissful claim that he has been liberated from sin.


He also added that God should consider his weaknesses and forgive his sins which have caused reactions via his Twitter comment section.

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In his words, he said:

“We don finish fasting be that o, Oh Allah, accept our fasting and forgive our sins. Ameen”

His fans, however, twisted his belief to the haughty temperaments he is known for. According to their belief, they outlined that it’s time to go back to their awful ways since fasting is over.


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