97 year old man who got married to a 35 year old lady

The nature of marriage and love is mysterious and this has laid an impact in the lives of these Ghanaian couples who are identified as Akua Asabea and Agyyaba.


The 97-year-old Agyyaba took the world by shock after his wife Akua Asebea announced publicly that she has accepted to tie the knot with the old quivering man.


This also went serious after the woman publicly vowed that she is never leaving him despite his old age.


They lived happily for years which even spanked reaction via all the social media platforms.

However, fans are worried if they are still together or alive. The 97-year-old Agyyaba and the 35 years old Akua Asabea are still living happily together with four kids from His Ex-wife.

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