Polytechnic Students protest over silent in FG agreement with ASUP

Polytechnic Students protest over silent in FG agreement with ASUP

Please go back home We have already Fulfilled ASUP promises- Education minister tells polytechnic students

The minister says they have met all the demands of ASUP adding that it is now left for ASUP to call off strike.

He added that federal government is not the problem but ASUP are just being adamant

“We have settled everything that has to do with ASUP” the minister said.

the Minister of State for Education, Mr Chukuemeka Nwajiuba, while addressing the students said that everything that had to do with ASUP had been settled.

Nwajiuba said the onus now lied with the union to be fair on the students by calling off the strike.

“Everyone of us is pained by what is going on in the polytechnic sector of our education, many of us spoke with ASUP at the time of their warning strike that we are not running an Adhoc government.

“Nothing ends today, even if I die today, Nigeria will continue and there is nothing that will stop Nigeria.

“When ASUP wanted to start this strike, we wrote them and said everything that ASUP requested for has been agreed upon, we do not have one area of disagreement.

On May 23, we communicated to ASUP and we have given them a catalog of everything that they said we should do that we have complied with,” he said.

However the polytechnic students have left the protest ground with a promise to return if school is not reopened

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