Governor Udom scores self high on six-year performance


Governor Udom scores self high on six-year performance


Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, at the weekend, scored his administration high on performance, saying he has attracted over 20 industries to the state within six years in line with his industrialisation drive.
He disclosed during his sixth-anniversary broadcast, insisting that his industrialisation drive was hinged on the desire to change Akwa Ibom narrative of being a predominantly civil service state to an industrial hub.

Emmanuel, who rated his administration 85 percent in performance, noted that he had done well in all sectors, maintaining that he attracted the industries to the state in spite of the hash foreign direct investment climate.

He explained that the industries, which he described as legacy projects, were all economically viable, adding that he achieved the feat despite the challenges of governance exacerbated by two recessions, a drop in oil prices and the
COVID-19 pandemic.

“Without sounding immodest, I score us 85 per cent, given the challenging economic conditions we faced from our first term in 2015,” he stated.

The governor said some of the projects and industries are the Ibom Air, Dakkada Tower, Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company, Metering Company, Coconut Virgin Oil Refinery, pencil, toothpick, plastic, tissue papers and plywood manufacturing companies, as well as rice and cassava processing mills.

Others are the Ibom Deep Seaport project, refurbished and remodelled general hospitals in the 10 Federal and state constituencies, equipped Ibom Specialist Hospital, 300-bed capacity Infectious Diseases Control Centre with PCR laboratories and 18-bed capacity ICU and HDU centres, and Family Empowerment & Youth Reorientation Path Initiative (FEYReP), among others.

On his succession plan, Emmanuel urged the people to choose a successor who would leverage on his development projects and not someone who would draw the state backwards.

“God has started doing a new thing in our state. He has already made a pathway through the wilderness and created rivers in the dry land. We will not return to the kind of leadership that makes noise and demean the execution of the big picture items.

“We will never go backwards on the peace in our state, the steady and focused development we have started, as amplified by the “Forward ever, backward never” mantra in our state’s anthem,” he added.

He said God would give the state a successor with the capacity and discipline to build a state where everyone would live in peace and strive for excellence and one who would not reverse the development of the state.

The governor further pledged to apply the remaining two years of his administration judiciously for a better state politically, industrially and socio-economically.

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