Apple opens it’s app as alternative payment provider in the Netherlands(Dating apps)

Apple Bows To The Netherlands, App Store Has Opened Third-Party Payment Channels

According to Reuters, Apple said in a letter to the Dutch consumer watchdog that the company has complied with an order to open its app to alternative payment providers for dating apps in the Netherlands Store.

Apple announced on January 5 that for the first time in its history, the company will allow apps to bypass App Store payments, introducing an external payment option. Apple typically requires developers to use the company’s own payment system, which helps it charge commissions for apps on its platform.

The Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) previously fined Apple $5.7 million (about 36.081 million yuan) per week for failing to comply with the order, saying that Apple’s proposed solution brought inconvenience to developers. fair burden.

We understands that Apple said in today’s letter to ACM that the solution it provides requires only a “small technical change” and no additional cost .


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