Apple Now Shows iPhone And iPad Repair Cost Estimates

iPhone repair cost estimates on Apple Support

Apple is expanding its self-repair program, but the Apple Support app now shows iPhone and iPad repair cost estimates. This means if you have a common fault like a cracked screen or back panel, you can know the repair cost before you walk in for a repair.

You’ll see a Repairs & Physical Damage section in the Apple Support app dashboard. When you open the section, the most common issues like cracked screens and liquid damage can be seen listed.

Now select the relevant section, and it’ll show you the repair prices. We’ll also offer to find the nearest authorized service provider.

Adding repair costs to Apple Support also means you can decide where to get the repairs. You can choose between Apple service centers or third-party repair centers based on the repair cost.

iPhone repair costs at Apple Support

Aside from the repair cost estimates, Apple has added support to write down your issue in the app. This means you can type what’s wrong with your iPhone instead of trying to fit a list.

While the feature is already there, you’ll have to select from the listed issues first to get to it. Apple has made it more accessible with this update.

Apple Support has been a good but underrated app for the iPhone and iPad. This includes solutions to most user queries and can quickly connect you to our support representatives if the issue isn’t resolved.

Now that it can give you repair estimates and find a nearby repair center, the app is certainly more useful and should come in handy if you’re stranded with a broken iPhone.

iPhone repair cost estimates are also useful for users who can repair their phones themselves. Apple started a self-repair program in the U.S. last year. The same is expected to expand to other countries and across Apple products, including the Mac lineup.

While the App Store page of the app shows an update, you may not see repair cost estimates just yet. However, the update should roll out soon, and that section will be available on the Apple Support app.

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