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Electric Car: The Ford F 150 Lightning can be used to power homes for 72 hours

The electric vehicles manufacturing segment is silently undergoing a revolution, as a few carmakers are now pushing for expansion of access to clean and sustainable power to homes through an EV. The Ford F-150 Lightning is the latest EV that will provide the option of extending power to homes through its bi-directional power system. The company says the F-150 Lightning can light up homes for up to 72 hours.

Ford F 150 Lightning Electric Car Will Power Up Your Home For Several Days
Credit: Ford cars


Ford believes that the F-150 Lightning was the first electric pickup truck that can offer power backup to homes. Although the company says it is the first to offer this functionality in vehicles to consumers, it is noted that BYD recently announced a Type A all-electric school bus that provides such a bi-directional power solution to schools in the US.

Ford has announced a working partnership with US solar power company, Sunrun to offer the backup power feature to F-150 Lightning customers. The electric pickup truck’s onboard battery capability will be utilized in this regard. The F-150 Lightning extended-range battery system can store up to 131 kWh power and deliver up to 9.6 kW for several days. It is also a cleaner option than gasoline or diesel generators.

The F-150 Lightning home charging solutions include an 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System, which enables the F-150 Lightning to store and innovatively supply power to homes. It automatically starts to power homes when the power goes out using the Ford Intelligent Backup Power and the Home Integration System.

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