How to know battery draining Apps on your Android

How To Know Apps That Drain Your Android BatteryEver worried about which app(s) drain your phone battery all the time? This post is just for you. Here, you will learn how to see all the apps that usually drain the battery of your Android phone.
Does your Smartphone battery drain faster than expected? There are several reasons for this frequent problem on mobile devices, but if you have to look for a prime suspect, we’d start by looking at the apps.

Massive battery draining issue is common in older Android devices with low battery rating and aging lifespan. In this type of phones, certain apps usually consumes the battery making it last for very few minutes or few hours.

Some culprits are apps that run in the background.
Occasionally some applications that we consider useful or that we use several times during the day are activated in background and begin to consume resources which, in turn, drain the battery to power the functions of the application.

The battery draining impact is minimal on high-end Smartphones because of the powerful battery capacity and the advanced modern smart battery management features it has.
If you don’t know why your phone’s battery lasts so short, let’s explain how to find out which apps drains it the most.


It is true that today’s batteries cannot compare to those of years ago, as they feature fast and wireless charging technologies and are even capable of charging other devices. However, its durability remains the Achilles heel of the current mobile phone market.
There are applications that can consume a lot of battery even in the background, and this can affect any type of device no matter what range it is in.


While it will all depend on how you use the app (usage time, background settings, permissions enabled, etc.), there are apps that consume more battery such as:

  • Streaming apps, like NetflixSpotifyMoko TV, etc.
  • Social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Likee and TikTok.
  • Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc,.
  • Apps that track your location or physical activity, as they use GPS services
  • Web browsers such as UC Browser, Chrome, Edge, etc

In other words, any application that requires you to spend all your time watching multimedia content or interacting will consume more of your phone’s power and battery. And the same happens with apps that uses the device’s sensors to function.
Now that you have an overview of the matter, it’s time to see how the apps installed on your mobile device perform.


There is nothing worse than installing new apps only to find that the battery has started draining faster than usual.
In order to preserve the battery life of your mobile phone, it is essential to know what affects its normal operation the most.
To see apps that drains battery in your Android phone, go to Settings > Battery > Application power consumption management. 

You will see all the apps in your phone and how many percentage of battery power it is using.

NOTE: The sequence is slightly different in some versions of Android phones. For instance, in some versions, the sequence is like this Settings > Power saving > Battery use, or this way Settings > Battery > Battery use.
This provides very useful information about the device and how the battery is used depending on the hardware and software.
If you scroll down, you will see a list of apps and data on how much they have drained the battery. There are some system applications that cannot be removed/uninstalled but besides these, you will also be able to see the applications you have installed yourself.

Remember you can just disable any inbuilt (system app) that you think is not useful to you. This way you save some battery juice and data.


Here you will see what to do once you find the application(s) that drains the most battery in your phone. Once you’ve found the apps in question, you can decide what to do with it by following these steps;

  • Tap the app once
  • A screen will pop-up displaying options like; App smart power saving, no restrictions, smart shut it down in background, background running is prohibited.
  • Just select “smart shut it down in background

This action will limit the time the app runs in background but it comes at a cost which is you may not receive notifications from such apps again.

So the best option to select is “App Smart Power Saving” because in this one, the smart battery management technology will control how the app works for better battery life.
Another solution is to check if there is an equivalent alternative to the app on Google Play that is lighter, more stable and friendlier to your battery. For example, instead of installing Face App, you install “Lite” which is also called Facebook Lite app.

If the app has no lite version and you think you can’t cope with the way it drains your phone battery, the last solution is to uninstall it or disable it. Just save yourself the stress.

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