Juliet Ibrahim Uveils Common Trend Amongst Men

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim shared a common trend she has just discovered amongst men nowadays.

The actress shared a lengthy post via her Insta-story, where she shed light on a couple of observations about men.

Juliet has taken her time to study men, and ha snow realized that the only condition by which men of this generation propose to a lady is when she reveals she is pregnant. The curvy actress wonders how men stick with a lady for months or even years without the intention of making her the wife until she gets pregnant.

As a result of this new trend, a lot of men are getting trapped in marriages all because of pregnancies, as women are now aware.

In her words, I find it quite confusing & offensive that most guys nowadays will only propose and think of propping to a woman only when she is pregnant, So you’ll be chopping somebody’s daughter for months/years and it won’t click you that sh’s wife material all those months/ years but ONLY when she says I’m pregnant you’ll now remember she is fit to be a wife?

No wonder many guys are getting trapped with pregnancy upandan by these girls that understand men with such mindset. It’s like everyone is playing a game everywhere I turn now. What’s happening to this generation. Anyways, what do i know?

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